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Draw the Lewis structure for HCOOH (1 H is bonded to an oxygen, 1 H is bonded to carbon, and both oxygens are bonded to carbon) ?

Yes, that's a rough description of how the for formic acid, ##HCOOH##, looks like.

Here's how you'd go about drawing the Lewis structure for this compound. The molecule has a total number of 18 , 1 from each of the two hydrogen atoms, 4 from the carbon atom, and 6 from each of the two oxygen atoms.

Start by drawing connecting each of the five atoms through single bonds - this will use up 10 (2 for each single bond) of the 18 and leave 8 more available.

Place these 8 valcence electrons as lone pairs on the oxygen atoms - 2 on the oxygen that is bonded to the carbon atom and to one of the hydrogens, and 2 on the oxygen that is bonded solely to the carbon.

Notice however that not all the atoms have complete . More specifically, the carbon atom only has only 6 in the above structure - 2 for each single bond.

To solve this problem, and give carbon its complete octet, use one of the lone pairs of electrons present on oxygen to form a double bond between the two .

That will be the for formic acid, ##HCOOH##.

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