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DSL communication and computer network

Due by Sunday April 2, 2017 before 7 pm eastern standard time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Write a two-page paper in current APA format that discusses how each of the below technologies are used in DSL communications, and compares all four to provide the major capabilities, shortfalls, and weaknesses of each. Avoid charges of plagiarism. Properly cite quotes and list all reference sources in APA format. Paper should be based on the below scenario:

To find out more technical details about Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), investigate the different modulation techniques that are used to transmit DSL signals. Although these techniques are quite complex, they are an interesting study in the technological advances necessary to provide high-speed data streams over ordinary copper twisted pair wire. Using either the Internet or hard copy sources (which, by necessity, must be current), look up the following four technologies. All four are being used somewhere on DSL circuits:

  • Discrete multitone technology (DMT)

  • Carrierless amplitude phase (CAP) modulation

  • Multiple virtual line (MVL)

  • Echo cancellation

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