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Dual-Diagnosis Role-Play – Annotated Script

Develop and write a role-play where a client has a dual diagnosis. The faculty member must approve your selection. The role-play must include a human service worker looking to provide support to a client, with the remaining team members playing family members, neighbors, special needs aides, and so forth.

Create an annotated role-play script that includes the following: the script must be on a person that has a mood disorder such as depression and a problem with alcohol

In the role-play, the team will demonstrate their ability to capture the challenges of a dual-diagnosis client. The team will approach the client with a possible treatment and explain their recommendations.

Consider the following as you prepare your role-play:

·         Some approaches or interventions for the substance use and the complicated dual factor

·         How the disorders affect each other and contribute to worsening the substance abuse disorder

·         The challenges the client may face in society due to the non-addiction diagnosis problem in addition to addiction

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