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due in 24 hours or less, tv industry, 5 pages. topics option below right on any one

There is one paper due for this class. If you didn’t select a topic from the first list, choose one of

these and hand in your paper on May 4th.

Your paper should be 4 or 5 pages long and include at least a few researched metrics and statistics, as well as a qualitative discussion featuring trends discussed in class coupled with your own insight.

Please clearly incorporate the topic/thesis of your paper in the introductory paragraph so that I know what the paper is supposed to tell me.

  1. The subscription TV model (ie, paying a cable or satellite company for a bundle of channels) might be finally starting to show some cracks. Is there evidence that the model is eroding? If so, what is causing it—which players are attacking the model and how? How do you see this playing out?

  2. What amount of responsibility should the incumbent players (cable/satellite MVPDs and cable and broadcast networks) bear for the potential weakening of the bundle? What strategic decisions over time did they make that has helped put them where they are today? What can be done to arrest what could be the beginning of a decline?

  3. Discuss the importance of sports to the TV ecosystem and the role of non-sports watchers subsidy of sports viewing. How might viewing premium sports content (NFL, NBA, etc) evolve over time, in your view?

  4. Netflix is about $11/month for most people. Talk about its value proposition compared to a cable bundle for about $70 (for the video portion) and HBO at $15. Is Netflix’s price point sustainable if it’s to become a profitable company?

  5. How has Netflix’s relationships with cable network companies like AMC and Fox changed over the years? Delve into his frenemy relationship and its positives and negatives for both sides. 

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