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due on may 24, 2017 USA eastern time 9:00PM

Minimum of 250 words each  and REQUIRES citation to reference sources.

Readings: Question 1

●      Disaster Relief 2.0: The Future of Information Sharing in Humanitarian Emergencies http://www.unocha.org/top-stories/all-stories/disaster-relief-20-future-information-sharing-humanitarian-emergencies

●      UN OCHA: Humanitarianism in the Network Age http://www.unocha.org/node/11528

●      Disaster Technology and Traditional IT  http://keith.robertory.com/?p=259

●      It is all about usability http://keith.robertory.com/?p=195

Question 1

What is YOUR definition of Information Technology?

Which technology do you rely on most in your daily life?

Which technology do you feel the public is least prepared to do without during a disaster?

Question 2

Identify one failure common related to communications, throughout most of the listed disasters in the course content for Week 2. Try to be unique from other student’s answers.

Identify one bit of data that you would never want shared about yourself during a disaster, and one bit that you would always want shared. (ex. location, health status, medications, insurance). Explain why to both.

Question #3

What has this simple exercise taught you about the usefulness of Social Media in Disasters?

What are the implications for using this on a mass scale such as a large city?

What is a strategy to filter out “ noise” and provide an example of how an Emergency Manager can act upon a tweet?

Question 4

Simple analog two-way radios are interoperable by nature. Digital trunked two-way radios are more efficient and secure. What is more important: interoperability or security? Why?

Is interoperability a technical, fiscal or political problem? Why?

Question #5

Given the strengths and weakness of the different satellite bands, which one would you choose as an emergency manager and why?

Emergency managers almost always tend to rely on satellites as if they are flawless and magical. What warning would you give to EMs about the use of satellite technology?

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