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E-Commerce position paper 1500words

 The following requirements must be observed:

1. Note the word limits for the question.

2. You must write in the third-person voice ONLY.

3. You just use and cite at least three external sources for the question, not counting class lectures or blogs. Do NOT use Wikipedia.

4. Feel free to attach appendices, exhibits, etc., as needed to supplement your text (i.e., these are not counted in the word limit).

Question: The rumor mill has been filled with stories of Amazon and its desire to the enter the world of brick and mortar retailing. Now comes evidence (via a liquor license) that it is planning a drive-through grocery. Your task is to write a position paper of not more than 1500 words in which you analyze

  • Amazon's move
  • How it will work
  • The current nature of the grocery business
  • Which competitors might be adversely affected.

You are writing this from a disinterested perspective, and not for Amazon or any of its competitors.. (Be NEUTRAL)

Source material: http://usat.ly/2m9pI8C

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