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Each sentence below contains faulty pronoun reference. Rewrite each sentence, correcting the faulty reference.

I need help with identifying these faulty pronouns. please help!

Each sentence below contains faulty pronoun reference.  Rewrite each sentence, correcting the faulty reference. 

1. Ella cried and seemed genuinely repentant. This impressed the parole board.

2. At the Naval Academy, they all wear uniforms.

3. It says in the paper that the governor's top aide is quitting because of the scandal.

4. I was late for class again this morning, which embarrassed me.

5. Carol insisted on telling everyone about the error. This annoyed Frank.

6. When Marianne visited her mother, she had the flu.

7. In that store, they make a customer feel stupid.

8. When the pharmacist added the powder to a pint of water, it turned red.

9. Bill had a heart attack, but after a month of rest it was as good as ever.

10. Although Barbara likes to talk about politics, she does not want to be one.

11. In the Gulf War agreement, it said that all POW's would be released.

12. The profits from the investment would be large, which I realized immediately.

13. I announced that I planned to cut up all my credit cards. This caused everyone to gasp.

14. The worker's employer gave him a raise.

15. Tom's sister is an engineer, and this is the profession Tom wants to study.

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