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ECE 201 Week 5 Purpose and Process of Behavior Management

This pack of ECE 201 Week 5 Purpose and Process of Behavior Management includes:Focus of the Final PaperReview the Week 3 assignment, Functional Behavioral Assessment Short Paper, in which you outlined three challenging behaviors (and a possible function for each behavior) commonly observed in young children. Then, explore the purpose and process of behavior management in a paper in which you: Describe the purpose of behavior management in early childhood education settings, including why it is important to think proactively. Integrate the specific challenging behaviors to be detailed in this paper. Discuss three strategies teachers may use to determine the functions of challenging behaviors. Design an individual support plan for each of the challenging behaviors which includes: o thepossiblefunctionsofthebehavior ospecificpositivebehaviorsupports o replacementbehaviors Summarize the role of the teacher in designing and implementing a classroom behavior plan

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