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ECET 340 Week 2 HomeWork 2

This work of ECET 340 Week 2 HomeWork 2 consists of:

1. Where does program control transfer to when an interrupt occurs?2. Which one of the following Interrupts has highest priority?4. Before exiting an ISR, the programmer should use which command?5. In which one of the following sequences is the stack pulled by rti?6. Given the starting address for the TC0 Interrupt is to become $5000. Write the assembly instruction necessary to place this ISR address into the interrupt vector table and then unmask the interrupt (assembly only). 7. Write the C statements needed to place the address of an interrupt service routine that is to be called PortJ_handler into the vector address for the Port J interrupt and then unmask the interrupt. 8. Circle the interrupt below that will have highest priority after the statement HPRIO = 0x40; is executed.

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