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ECO 450 Week 2 Quiz

This archive file of ECO 450 Week 2 Quiz includes answers on the following questions:

About 80 percent of federal receipts are accounted for by

Transfer payments by the federal government in the United States account for about

Following the circular flow of a mixed economy, firms receive a flow of dollars from and send goods and services to

In 2008, which country listed below has the highest percentage of government spending relative to GDP?

Government purchases for consumption and investment:

Government goods and services are usually:

Following the circular flow of a mixed economy, which entity or entities distribute resources?

State and local government expenditure in the United States accounts for about:

A mixed economy is one in which:

Total annual expenditures by federal, state, and local governments in the United States in the 1990s accounted for roughly:

The real cost of government goods and services is:

If the economy is currently operating on a point on the production possibility curve for government goods and services versus private goods and services,


The old-age dependency ratio is:

Federal government expenditures in the United States account for about:

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