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Econ 301 (Data Analysis) Assignment 1 – Individual Presentation The first data assignment of the course involves gathering and summarizing macroeconomic data in a 10–15 minute video presentatio

Econ 301 (Data Analysis) 

Assignment 1 – Individual Presentation 

The first data assignment of the course involves gathering and summarizing macroeconomic data 

in a 10–15 minute video presentation (just write 5 pages paper, 1500 words and graphs ).  The country I choose is Russia.

. Your presentation will include summaries of the following macroeconomic 


1. GDP (MER) 

2. GDP (PPP) 

3. Per Capita GDP (PPP) 

4. Consumer Inflation 

5. Unemployment 

6. Currency/Exchange Rate 

7. Exchange Rate System (Fixed, Float, Dirty Float, Currency Union) 

8. Trade 

A. Imports as a percentage of GDP 

B. Exports as a percentage of GDP 

C. Total Trade (Imports + Exports) as a percentage of GDP 

In addition, you should conclude your presentation with an analysis of the major economic 

opportunities and challenges facing the country you selected. 

I am assuming that you will be using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) to create 

your presentation. You will start by downloading raw data from potential data sources listed on 

page 4. Most likely you will use Excel to create your own tables, graphs and exhibits that 

summarize your data in a way that makes sense in your presentation. Since presenting 

summarized data is visual in nature, you will next imbed the graphics that summarize these 

macroeconomic indictors into a PowerPoint presentation. 

Specific Graphics that must be included 

You have considerable leeway in developing the graphics for your presentation. However, to 

provide some structure and to guarantee that you are creating the appropriate graphics to 

represent the data you are presenting, you must include the following specific graphics. 

1. Table/tables that summarizes data items 1–8 listed above. 

2. Time series graphs of 

A. GDP for at least 5 years 

B. Consumer Inflation for at least 5 years 

C. Unemployment for at least 5 years 

D. Exchange rate of the country’s1 currency against the dollar for at least 5 years. 

E. Trade (imports and exports) for at least 5 years. 

3. Assessment of the country’s per capita GDP in relation to level of development 

(underdeveloped, developing or developed). 

4. Provide the sources of your data in the exhibits you create. 

5. Bullet pointed summary of the country’s key economic opportunities and challenges. 

Note: Other graphics are not only acceptable but encouraged

1 For the student who selects the United States, please provide a time series graph of the Dollar Index for five years. 

Econ 301 (Data Analysis) 

Assignment 1 – Individual Presentation (Country Video) 

Potential Data Sources 



CIA World Fact Book 

World Bank: 

FRED (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis) 

Your Audience 

Assume that your audience are your colleagues (upper division students) in economics. As such, 

we assume that they are familiar with major macroeconomic indicators and economic 


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