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For Part 3, you will submit a rough draft of your project with two new pieces added. The directions for these two steps are below. 

  • Having posed your pricing question, the next task is to come up with a way of testing the hypothesis with real-world data. Three potential sources are:
    • Historical data on sales and prices that is publicly available.
    • Hypothetical price surveys
    • Google marketing keywords (if you are working with a real company). Example: Sales results on Kraft shredded cheeses versus Kraft block cheeses
  • After testing your hypothesis/questions with data, and finding evidence to recommend for or against a particular pricing improvement, it is time to write up your results; producing two different forms of your final course project:
    • A 10-15 minute presentation that communicates the question you asked, how you used data to ask it, and what you found. Assume your audience is upper management at a firm that operates in this industry. This means that you will have to work hard to convey complex and sometimes technical pricing points to a non-technical audience. You may do this presentation in PowerPoint, YouTube video, or Prezi. The choice is yours, but it must contain narration. Please see Microsoft Offices' tutorial on adding narration to PowerPoint presentations. You can also submit a video of your presentation - the easiest way is to record (video camera, flipcam, or phone video) and then upload to YouTube and share the link. 
    • A two-three page summary/handout that summarizes your presentation and includes all the technical details of your calculations. There can be extra tables/figures in this hand-out as an appendix. This can be as technical as you like!

Attached is what i have done so far : 

here are the Questions to Consider for first bullet point

  • What are the benefits and limitations of Amazon's online retail model?
  • How does Amazon.com change the market for shopping other products such as clothes, shoes, etc?
  • Amazon has a huge catalog of products for sale. How does the design of Amazon's web site facilitate the user's effort to locate a particular product?
  • Have you noticed Amazon offering certain items cheaper than the competition?
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