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Economics in Health Care Policy 5IP

Following the work done on HIPPA 1996 from the last 7 weeks . Ths will be compilation of all of those with any enhancements. SO basically you are making all of those on HIPAA intoo one paper as a final draft.

This will be the final draft of all the longer assignments from previous weeks. I will reprovide them if you do not have them already saved.

  • Include a problem statement or research question pertinent to the policy. (Already stated in previous work)
  • Complete a  historical overview of the policy. (done)
  • Create a definition of policy terms. (done)
  • Generate potential findings relevant to the current delivery of health care.
  • Make recommendations on future policy guidelines. (done)
  • Consider the current forces affecting health care policies.

The final draft of your  paper should include the following: (please follow this structure in APA format)

  • Title Page
    • Formatted properly according to APA
  • Abstract (50–100 words)
  • Introduction (300–400 words)
  • Statement of the Problem (1,000–1,500 words)
    • General problem
    • Specific problem
  • Purpose of the Proposed Study (300–500 words)
  • Research Questions (100–300 words)
  • Literature Review or Historical Overview of the elected policy (1,000–1,500 words)
  • Definition of Terms (300–400 words)
  • Annotated Bibliography (100–200 words)
  • Potential Findings from the Annotated Bibliography (100–200 words)
  • Recommendations (100–200 words)
  • Conclusion (200–400 words)
  • References
  • Tables (if applicable)
  • Figures (if applicable)

Please if you have any additional questiions ask them sooner than later.

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