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EG Assignment 3, 4, and 5

Assignment # 1

Short Essay Instructions

You are required to respond to the questions provided below. Short Essay assignment must be 200–250 words in current AMA format.

See article attachment (Behavioral Indicators)

Short Essay 2:

  • Describe 3 possible ecological sanitation solutions for lesser economically developed countries. Also discuss challenges for implementation of these solutions.
  • The essay must cite the peer-reviewed article presented in this module/week—which describes at least 3 points related to the topic.

Assignment # 2

No less than 400 words, you must support your assertions within your thread with at least 1 peer-reviewed article in current AMA format.

See article attachment (Ecological Sanitation)

Topic: Toilets and Household Sanitation

  • Describe the model for household decision to adopt sanitation change used in the case study.
  • What were the results of the case study?
  • How could this model be applied to another water-related health problem?
  • What are the challenges to using social marketing in household sanitation adoption?

Assignment # 3

Article Review Instructions

You will review the major points of a specific article or case study. You are expected to provide suggestions to address the problem in the article or case study. This assignment must not less than 450 words in current AMA format. You must include at least 1 peer-reviewed article source in addition to the citation of the assigned article or case study.

Article Review (See article attachement: Informed Waste)

“Informed Waste Management System in Nigerian and Barriers to an Inclusive Modern Waste Management System: A Review”

·         Select 1 article to discuss for your assignment

·         Summarize the article’s major points, focusing on 3 key aspects

·         Discuss 2 challenges to address the waste concern presented in the article

·         Use 1 peer-reviewed article, besides the assignment article or case study, to support your opinions

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