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Ehtics and Privacy Summary

Prepare a 500 to 700-word Microsoft® Word® document saved under the following naming convention: LastnameFirstnameW2-2. Using student John Doe as an example: DoeJohnW2-2.  The requirements for this assignment are to:

*  Identify an issue of your choice involving Information Systems Ethics or Information Systems Privacy. You can do an internet search on "information systems ethics" or "information systems privacy" to find a potential issue to write about

*  Provide a summary of the issue that you chose

*  Discuss how your issue applies - or has applied - to situations in your personal and/or professional life (meaning you specifically - not a family member or someone you know)

*  Post at least one substantive message to your Learning Team forum that pertains to your views and/or experiences on Information Systems Ethics and Privacy.  This will be part of your grade for this assignment

- The Learning Team posting must be made before you submit your assignment 

-  The standards for a substantive post to earn Individual Participation credit apply to postings in your Learning Team forum for this assignment (refer to Instructor Policies - Participation section - to see what qualifies as a substantive posting)

-  Postings made in your Learning Team forum will not count toward your Individual Participation for the week

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