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Presentation for Stakeholders

During this class, your company has grown exponentially. Because of that, there a lot of new ideas about how to make your company more efficient. Your idea from the last assignment has been accepted for consideration, but now you’ve got to put together a presentation for the stakeholders.

Part One: Using Power Point or another presentation program, design a presentation (eight to 10 slides) to explain why your idea is best suited for the company or organization.  Page 292 has a model of how these slides should look. 

Part Two: write a recommendation report discussing how your idea will solve the company’s or organization's efficiency problem.                                                                                                The Book is : 3rd Edition TECHNICAL WRITING for Success Pages 303-306 model how this document should appear.  The Author is Smith-Worthington &  Jefferson

Note: This assignment requires that you create two distinct documents. The slide presentation in PowerPoint and a Recommendation Report.  

I tried to submit one with slides, if you can come up with one that fits the bill better please do so, It doesn’t have to be the one that I did originally.    

Theoda - Can you resubmit with your PowerPoint as a .ppt / .pptx file? Please send your report as a regular Word document (instead of as a graphic). Note that this isn't a "comparison" paper, but a recommendation report. There is information in the book on pp. 303 - 306 with sample formatting requirements. Remember that you should have content on your PPT sides (not just images from an LLBean catalogue).

Whoever agrees to complete this project I need a direct email of some sort to send the directions for the Recommendation Report Format example unless you can get assets to the textbook that I mention above. 

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