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ENG 225 week 1 Quiz

This file of ENG 225 Week 1 Quiz shows the solutions to the following problems:

1. Which of the following leads to the deepest appreciation of a film?

2. Who is primarily responsible for the visual representation of a film’s story?

3. What is the most important role of a film critic?

4. Which critical assessment applies the standards for art suggested by Goethe?

5. What term is used to describe narratives that do not follow chronological order?

6. Which character in a movie is the audience meant to identify with?

7. Which of the following is primarily responsible for piecing individual shots and scenes together in coherent form?

8. A finished film is best understood as the personal vision of which of the following?

9. If a film depicts the bungling efforts of army officers and soldiers in order to demonstrate the absurdity of military behavior and values, it is employing what literary technique?

10. How many acts does the most basic narrative structure in film consists of?

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