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ENG 225 Week 2 Elements of Design

This work contains ENG 225 Week 2 Elements of Design

Elements of Design. During the process of envisioning and designing a film, the director, production designer, and art director

(in collaboration with the cinematographer) are concerned with several major spatial and temporal elements. These design

elements punctuate and underscore the movement of figures within the frame, including the following: setting, lighting, costuming, makeup, and hairstyles. Choose a scene from In a three to five page paper, (excluding the cover and reference pages) analyze the mise-en-scenc. Respond to the following prompts:

Identify the names of the artists involved in the film’s production:

the director, the production designer, and the art director. Describe in separate paragraphs each artist's role in the overall design process. Conduct additional research if necessary, citing your book, film, and other external sources correctly in APA format. Explain how the artists utilize lighting in the scene. How docs the lighting affect our emotional understanding of certain characters? What sort of mood docs the lighting evoke? How docs lighting impact the overall story the film maker is attempting to tell? Describe the setting, including the time period, location, and culture in which the film takes place.

Explain what costuming can tell us about a character. In what ways can costuming be used to reflect elements of the film's plot? Explain how hairstyle and makeup can help tell the story. What might hairstyle and makeup reveal about the characters?

Discuss your opinion regarding the mise-en-scenc. Do the elements appear to work together in a harmonious way? Docs the

scene seem discordant? Do you think the design elements arc congruent with the film maker’s vision for the scene? The paper must be three to five pages in length and formatted according to APA style. Cite your resources in text and on the reference page. For information regarding APA samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center, within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar, in your online course.

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