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ENG 225 week 2 Quiz

This work of ENG 225 Week 2 Quiz shows the solutions to the following problems:

1. In today’s movie industry, who is most responsible for creating and maintaining a star’s persona?

2. When is the “golden hour”?

3. Which of the following roles required impersonation?

4. In the collaboration between actors, directors, and writers, the role of the actor is:

5. Which element of mise en scène is typically designed by the cinematographer?

6. What is one reason the American film industry didn’t primarily use color photography until the 1960s, even though the technology was available much earlier?

7. What is the name used for the camera’s view from a single position?

8. A telephoto lens has which of the following characteristics?

9. What is the cinematographer’s primary role in creating a film?

10. In addition to acting, which of the following is part of a movie’s mise en scène?

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