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ENG101Cause or Effect Essay (linked with Proposal Essay)IntroductionYou will spend the next two essays (Essays 3 & 4) exploring an issue that you find important. This topic may be small, like food cho

ENG101Cause or Effect Essay (linked with Proposal Essay)

IntroductionYou will spend the next two essays (Essays 3 & 4) exploring an issue that you find important. This topic may be small, like food choices on the York Tech Campus, or it could be large, like the current rules for the Electoral College. It could be most anything in between (some exclusions apply—they are noted below). For Essay 3, you will write a cause or effect essay about this topic. For Essay 4, you will then write a proposal essay for that same topic. Cause essays look at the roots of a particular issue, what made something happen. Effect essays look at what outcomes came from or will come from some issue or event. Proposal essays explore these same issues, but they go a couple of steps further, first convincing the reader that something is an issue, and then proposing a solution to the issue. This essay sequence is designed to help you. Since you will already have a head start on researching your topic for Essay 3, the research requirements for Essay 4 will be more manageable (research can be shared between the essays). In addition, you will have the feedback from your third essay when you write your last essay. In fact, you may want to use some of Essay 3 when writing Essay 4, which is encouraged. When thinking about this topic, be sure to keep in mind how you plan to tackle both essays. For instance, you don’t want to talk about something that you don’t have any proposed solution to. Here’s an example of how this might play out with the topic of climate change:•    Cause Essay: If I wanted to talk about the causes of climate change, I might research and write about how carbon emissions, pollution, and overpopulation have led to negative climate change. I might need to define climate change and touch on the effects, but that would not be the majority of my essay.•    Effect Essay: If I wanted to talk about the effects of climate change, I might research and write about changing weather patterns, loss of natural resources, and the impending extinction of certain types of wildlife. I might need to show that current climate change is man-made, but that will not be the majority of my essay.•    Proposal Essay: In my proposal essay, I would take my previous research and writing on climate change, and I would then research and propose a solution (or solutions) that could help solve the issue. I might propose a mandatory carbon emissions cap and more strict guidelines concerning natural wildlife habitat protection.

DirectionsIn 750-900 words, write either a cause essay or an effect essay that discusses a topic important to you. Remember, this should be something that you see an issue with; you will have to propose a solution to this for the next essay. For example, if you don’t think video games cause violent behavior, that wouldn’t be a good choice because you won’t be able to propose a solution for how to fix it. of possible topic is below:•    •    Media bias•    

A quick note about which topics are not allowed and why: Sometimes there are topics in life that don’t have winners. In other words, one side won’t be able to convince the other side to change its mind. For these essays, we are looking for topics where someone might be swayed to another viewpoint, or at least be able to see the merits of the argument. Some topics that should not be discussed in this essay (or the next) are things like abortion, medically-assisted suicide, gun control, or immigration. If you are not sure if your topic is ok, please email me so that we can discuss it. SourcesPlease include at least two outside sources. YTC databases sources are always ok (the Opposing Viewpoints database would be great for these essays). Any articles from the “Arguments” section of Everything’s An Argument (p. 507-791) are also good. Some web-based sources may also be acceptable on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to use a non-YTC database web-source, please email me the link to the source so that I can approve it. Anything from sources like Wikipedia,,, or Quora will not be approved. All sources should be properly formatted in-text and in the works cited page. MLA FormatYour essay should be properly formatted according to the most up-to-date MLA standards found in the supplement provided in your textbook and also in the template in D2L. There are also guidelines at the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)  Proper formatting includes the following criteria:•    MLA General Format •    In-text citations•    Works Cited page that follows all MLA guidelines

Submission GuidelinesYour essay should be submitted as a .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .rtf file via the D2L Dropbox before the date and time listed in the course calendar. 

Rough DraftsYou are required to produce a rough draft for this essay. Please see your course calendar to check the due date for that draft in BrainFuse. Failure to submit a draft to BrainFuse will result in a 5 point deduction on the final essay. If you would like to have your draft read for specific grammatical errors, please use Brainfuse, see a face-to-face tutor in the ACT Center (located in the library). You are welcome to see me in my office for help, but I will likely focus on larger issues such as the thesis, organization, sources, etc.PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES AND FINISH THE WORK AND PLEASE DO IT IN PROPER COLLEGE MATERIAL PRCOSESS I WILL PUT A EXAMPLE ESSAY BELOW THIS ON HOW IT SHOULD BE  + ITS 2 SEPERATE ESSAYS SO  KEEP IT SEPERATE THE CAUSE OR EFFECT NOT BOTH AND ESSAY 2 IS THE PROPOSAL ON HOW WE CAN SOLVE IT.

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