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ENGL 230 Week 2 Activity 5 Outline

This paper of ENGL 230 Week 2 Activity 5 Outline comprehends:

The assignment is Activity #5 on page 382. You are given a list of different aspects of a job description and you must create a topical outline that will contain two main points, with subpoints and some sub-subpoints. You must use only the words provided. The assignment will be graded on how well you follow proper outline technique including correct use of Roman numerals, letters for the sub-categories, and logical sequencing. Outlines require that if you have a Roman numeral I, you must have a Roman numeral II. The Roman numerals represent main points. Also, outlines require that if you have an item A, you must have an item B. Please be sure you submit the assignment in this format, and check your work for any misspellings prior to submission. Responsibilities File reports One report from marketing One report from production Files should….

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