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ENGL 230 Week 5 PresentationHow Viral Marketing

This file of ENGL 230 Week 5 PresentationHow Viral Marketing encompasses:

15 Slides with Speaker Notes

For the Week 5 assignment you were asked to create an informative speech in PowerPoint with audio. Please be sure to review speechguidelines.docx in Doc Sharing for complete information on the speech requirements.

Slide 5: There are various tools that can be used for viral marketing, but the key thing to remember is that viral marketing is driven by content. As we all know, social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are the most common and popular tools for….

Slide 9: Here are some more dos and donts for having an effective viral marketing initiative. The first is that it should have an unexpected theme. It should contain an element of surprise, which would increase the users curiosity, thus, increasing the views….

Slide 13:

To conclude this presentation, Id like to reiterate that if done properly, viral marketing is a great way to spread the word about your companys product or….

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