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ENGL 230 Week 7 Assignment Practicing Business Communications

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The assignment in Week 7 is to read the article about Tootsie Roll on pp 328-329 and answer the five questions for critical thinking at the end. When answering the questions, you should answer the questions completely using textbook definitions, examples from the Tootsie Roll story, and your own experiences and examples (or an outside source, in which case you need to cite the source). Using terminology from the text connects your answers to the core concepts of communication and negotiation in Chapter 11. So you might first answer with examples from the Tootsie Roll story that support your position and then share the relevant concepts from your text. Giving examples from your experience can help demonstrate your knowledge of communication and negotiation concepts and connect the topics to the real-world.TRI (Tootsie Roll Industries) communicates its values to suppliers and employees by keeping the communication lines open between them and the companys management team. For example, employees are allowed to join or sit in on meetings of other departments. They are also aware of and are involved in the decisions being made by the company. This promotes transparency within the company. On the other hand, when it….

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