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English Composition: The Questions I uploaded are Questions 1-18 and questions Six and ten are "PICTURE DOWNLOAD" and the rest of the questions are below. 1. Topics that arrange themselves in self-

English Composition: The Questions I uploaded are Questions 1-19 and questions Six and ten are "PICTURE DOWNLOAD" and the rest of the questions are below. 

1. Topics that arrange themselves in self-explanatory structure, like steps in the process or events in chronological order, are best written using what organization 





 2. A strong is specifically focused and holds the tension between ideas

 A.topic sentence B.body paragraph 

C.hook sentence 

D.thesis statement 

3. The Paragraph summarizes the writers' argument and shows how it supports the thesis statement 

A. introductory 




4. Which of the following is a good form of evidence to include in a body paragraph? 

A.quote from an expert

 B.Your own opinion

 C.An excerpt from tabloid 

D. A link to a Wikipedia Page

 5. Which of the following would be a good thing to include in the conclusion of an academic essay? 

 A. A return to a theme brought up in the introduction 

 B. A Sudden Change of perspective to keep the reader interested

 C. A new piece of evidence that was not discuss did not discuss in the body

 D. A line saying, In conclusion, these are my main point

 6. In the diagram of the five-paragraph essay, what do the three rectangles represent 

A. The conclusion

 B. Body paragraph

 C. The introduction

 D. Thesis statement

 7. Which of the following shows the first four stages of the writing process in the correct order? 

A. Prewriting, outlining, revising, drafting 

B. Outlining, rewriting, revising, drafting 

C. Proofreading, editing, revising, drafting 

D. Prewriting, outlining, drafting, revising 

8. What should you know about doing research using Google and Wikipedia?

A. They're more helpful than physical books and journals 

B. They're all you need to research for academic essays 

C. They're useful as starting points for finding more scholarly sources 

D. They're completely untrustworthy sources and should never be used 

9. After the hook sentence in your introduction, it's usually a good idea to provide some on your topic to give your reader some context 

A. conclusion

B. opinion

C. background

D. conflicting views

10. B. What does the diagram shown represent 

A. Prewriting

B. A five-paragraph essay 

C. Clustering 

D. The writing process

11. What do all outlines, whether formal or informal, have in common

 A. They've required parts of the academic essay assignment 

B. They use Roman numerals and Arabic number

 C. They're written in complete sentences with proper punctuation

 D.They list all the information you'll present in the order you'll present it 

12. Which of the following thesis statement best shows the tension between and existing view and the writer's point view? 

A. The Ku Klax Klan is a hate group with a long history of dividing Americans, so the ACLU can't continue to support their right to free speech

 B. While the ACLU has a responsibility to preserve free speech in America, Supporting the rights of hate groups like the Ku Klax Klan is ultimately dangerous to democracy. 

C. If the ACLU continues to prioritize free speech over maintaining democracy, hate groups like Ku Klax Klan will continue to flourish in America.

 D. The ACLU should not give hate groups like the Ku Klax Klan a platform to spread their hate through American democracy.

13. Which of the following is a good way to get over writer's block to start writing your essay? 

A. Skip the outline process entirely

 B. Wait until the pressure of a deadline forces you to start writing

 C. Skip the introduction and write the body paragraphs first.

 D. Write the entire draft in one sitting 

14. Which of the following is the most specific thesis statement?

A. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is full of themes food versus evil and humanity versus nature. 

B. All of the characters in Mary Shelly's novel 

C. Frankenstein shows the reader that separation from society and ambition without restraint are bad.

 D. Like other Gothic and Romantic novels, Frankenstein shows that the natural world is a powerful influence on emotion and mood. 

15. outlines can take the form of brief lists of ideas in the order in which you want to discuss them

 A. Reflective


C. Hierarchical 

D. Formal

 16. What are the paragraphs in a five- paragraphs essay? 

A. An Introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion

 B. An introduction, and four body paragraphs

 D. Two introductory paragraphs, two topic sentence paragraphs, and a conclusion 

C. Five body paragraphs with one main point in each 

17. At what point in the writing process should you focus on your introductory paragraph? 

A. The end of the editing process 

B. The end of the drafting process

 C. The beginning of the drafting

 D. The beginning of the rewriting process 

18. Which of the following topics would work best with a Logical organization? 

A. Directions on how to set up and operate a 3D printer

 B. A recipe for pot roast using a crockpot 

C. A story detailing your favorite Vacation 

D. An argument that meal delivery service are reviving the restaurant industry 

19. If you're assigned to write a persuasive essay about free speech laws, what would be the best type of organization to use in your outline and essay? 

A. Natural organization 

B. Paragraphical organization

C. Formal organization 

D. Logical organization

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