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Enterprise Cybersecurity Program Report InstructionsAssignment: Enterprise Cybersecurity Program Report and PresentationAll of the work that has been done up to this point within this project has prep

Enterprise Cybersecurity Program Report Instructions

Assignment: Enterprise Cybersecurity Program Report and Presentation

All of the work that has been done up to this point within this project has prepared you to present the Enterprise Cybersecurity Program. You will submit a five- to 10-minute audio presentation accompanied by a 15- to 20-page report documenting the results of your work. The CEO knows you are the best person to put the report together, but wants to hear the presentation to provide any fine-tuning for the formal verbal presentation that is delivered to the board of directors.

The written portion of the Enterprise Cybersecurity Program Report should be in a formal format and include supplemental items to unify it for the board for directors. The items listed below should be included, and any supporting documentation that helped you to reach your conclusions can be included as addendums.

•Table of Contents

•Executive Overview (introduction and purpose)

•Framework Enhancement Proposal (brief two pages description)


identification of the vulnerabilities of current enterprise defense framework

proposed policy and technology solutions to counter such vulnerabilities

•Cybersecurity Framework Report (brief two pages description)

oInclude the designed cybersecurity defense framework from initial proposed outline

oFully explain the baseline framework and why it was selected, demonstrate a thorough knowledge of cybersecurity vulnerability that the framework addresses, and use the rankings to explain recommended enhancements to the framework

•Simulation Program Design (brief two pages description, See attached template)

oInclude practice processes and procedures to:

communicate plan of vulnerabilities

counterattack initiatives


•Cybersecurity Policy Report (brief two pages description)

oInclude policies that support the proposed cybersecurity defense framework

ocreate a brief description of how these policy solutions should be incorporated into the given framework. The description should thoroughly analyze the positives and negatives of all policy aspects of the foundational framework.

•Cybersecurity Technology Report (brief two pages description)

oInclude the cybersecurity defense framework implementation plan from initial proposed outline

ocompile a list of cybersecurity technologies suggested for various cyberattacks

•Enterprise Cybersecurity Program Report (comprehensive 15 pages enterprise cybersecurity plan recommendations)

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