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ESE 691 Week 3 DQ 1 Data Collection

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Data Collection.Most new educators are nervous about the classroom management aspect of teaching. They are nervous thatwhen students wont listen, or when a particular student has recurring behavior problems.Prudence is a seventh grade student in the general education class at her local middle school. She is very friendly and loves to help the teacher in any way she can including running errands, cleaning the boards, and tutoring other students. She is currently functioning at a second grade level in reading comprehension, therefore, her IEP team recommends one hour each week of pull-out resource reading assistance. You notice that Prudence never finishes her class work because she always has something to do, such as sharpening her pencil, getting a drink of water, or throwing something away, when she leaves her seat she accidently bumps into other students chairs, angering them. When they turn around to say something to her, she gets very defensive and shouts, I didnt do anything! Why are you always blaming me?! Which behavior should be the target to change, and why? What is the best means for collecting data on this behavior? Which method would not be effective, and why? How can you use an ABC chart for this student? You must cite at least one additional scholarly source in your post.Guided Response: Read and respond to at least two of your classmates posts. Explain how you would collaborate with other school faculty and staff in the data collection and behavior modification plans suggested by your classmates. Use your research to back up your decisions. Include at least two additional suggestions based on your own findings and personal experience

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