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Leadership Behavior and Motivation/ Maya Angelou

This essay serves as the next section of the research paper, and it focuses on leadership behavior and motivation. For this section, assess the behaviors and motivation exhibited by the leader you selected by drafting a 500-word essay. Include examples of behaviors exhibited by the leader, and apply the leadership grid theory to analyze the leader’s behavior.

Also, apply at least one motivation theory to analyze observations that may indicate the leader’s motivations for his or her behavior. ORG 5100, Leadership Theory and Practice 4.

Use at least two library sources to support your assertions about the leader’s behavior and motivation. Remember to include in-text citations and reference citations in APA Style. Add this essay to the assignment you completed in Unit II, save all of your work in one document, and submit it for grading in Blackboard. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below. 

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