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Instructions for the papers

1. Your papers are a personal interaction with the material you read for and that we discuss in this class. They should be your attempt "do philosophy." They are not a daily diary of course material. They are not the same as your class notes. Although they are not research papers, they will involve research.  They are your personal reaction/reflection to class topics. You should (must) make reference to the authors that I have assigned and what those authors say concerning the issue at hand.

3. Anything less than two pages typed double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12 point font (approx. 500 words) will not be graded. The word count for each paper should be at least 750 (the paper should be at least 750 words). 

4. Feel free to intelligently agree or disagree with the philosophers that we read. I will grade the paper based on the quality of writing, reasoning, and thought and how well you integrate the course material into them.

Essay topice

 - King,in the Letter from Birmingham Jail, makes a distinction between just and unjust laws.  Do you agree with King?  Justify your answer.  If you agree, give an example of an unjust law that is on the books today.  Be sure to justify your analysis of this law as unjust.

f this law as unjust.

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