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essay 15 page, due 05/11

The paper should use one inch margins and should be (a) 4,000 - 5,500 words of text (about 15-20 pages in length with 12-pitch Times Roman font) (b) typed, (c) double-spaced and (d) paginated. 

i can prove the sample paper and textbook.

Analysis of an actual organization: 

This paper will require you to analyze an actual organization as an industrial psychologist might do. Your task will be to analyze the situation and make recommendations about what could be done to solve the problems.

The key parts of the paper should be (You MUST use these headings):

·      A. Description - What symptoms are there of any problems? Be as objective as possible. Also, be sure explain how you collected the data for this part of the project. Do NOT talk about the course concepts at this point. Rather, talk about symptoms: Low morale, absenteeism, turnover, poor performance, etc.

·      B. Diagnosis and Prescription– Here’s where you need to APPLY THE COURSE MATERIAL. Do NOT just use your opinions. This is where you demonstrate to me that you can apply the material from the course, so go through each major topic and discuss whether it is relevant to this organization. Focus in greatest detail on those issues that are most relevant to the organization. (e.g., if there is a training issue, spend a little more time on that.) What then should be done in the organization to solve these problems? Design a new system for dealing with the organization’s problems. Again, this part gives you a chance to show you can apply the course material. Again, be sure to use the terms that are used in the course. And be sure to tie in your recommendations to the symptoms you identified.

Within the Diagnosis and Prescription section, there should be 4 subheadings and sections: 1. Job Analysis: Diagnosis and Prescription. (Note that this also includes O*NET information and accompanying appendix.)

2. Performance Appraisal: Diagnosis and Prescription.

3. Selection: Diagnosis and Prescription.

4. Training: Diagnosis and Prescription.

·      C. Action – How would you implement your suggestions? What problems would you or the organization face in trying to implement them? DO NOT add new course concepts. Do talk about how you would implement the concepts you mentioned in the Diagnosis & Prescription section.

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