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Essay 2 pages

I would like an essay 2 pagesĀ 

You will write two 2-page field experience reports throughout course. Field Experiences ask you to step outside of your normal routines and have an experience that is new to you. All of the field experience options are outlined below but include watching a movie that depicts people in another culture or evaluating a news story as explained through multiple news agencies from around the world.

Each report asks you to integrate ideas from your chosen experience with concepts discussed in the course. As you write, be specific in referring to the ideas and reference the materials you discuss. When you refer to an idea in the text, you need to define it (so that I know you know what it means), and then explain why the experience is an example of that.

For example: If you choose to talk about identity you must first explain how identity is defined in our course materials. Then, try to connect the themes in your Field Experience to the concepts discussed in class.

Each report should be carefully proofread and demonstrate a high level of competence in written communication.

Choose your field experience from the following list. You can only do an experience once, so for this course, you will need to complete two different activities.

News Comparison

Cultural Interview

Cultural Exploration

Film Analysis

Literature Study

E-mail Relationship

Your Own Idea

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