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ESSAY 305.1

Essays must be at least 5 pages, and double-spaced. Essays must be in APA format and sources must be properly cited. See the syllabus and the Essay Grading Rubrics below for more information. 

Questions (choose one):

1. After reading the Theory of Action in Chapter 2 beginning on page 35, describe the Theory of Action and then present an analysis of a recent news article in terms of the four points of behavior conceptualized by the Theory of Action: (1) behavior is oriented to the attainment of ends or goals or other anticipated states of affair; (2) It takes place in situations; (3) It is normatively regulated and (4) It involves expenditure of energy or effort or motivation. There is an example of a brief analysis of a case on page 36 – you may follow this model, which begins at the end of the first column, but it is important that you include a richer description than the example offered on page 36.   You may choose to use a newspaper article, a magazine article, or an article located on the Internet. 

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