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essay HW

I want ( 2 1/2 ) pages only no more no less

- Search for an article about the dangers of social media. The article should focus on a specific instance of where an individual become prey to and a victim of social media

- Summarize what your article/video is about.

- Provide further research on perhaps the legal ramifications of the social media crime committed and/or the long term effects of the victim in your article/video.

- Support your reasonings/opinion using at least two additional resources other than the article you chose.


- Use at least three resources (including your article). (DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA)

- Only one direct quote allowed.

- Use APA formatting

The format:

- write an abstract paragraph.

- Introduction: Provide a three to four sentence introduction - why you chose the article, etc.

- Body: Write a brief summary of the article. Remember to use supplemental information from the article and cite it accordingly.

- Conclusion: Provide your opinion about how this mishap could have been prevented and what you see happening in the future to make the issue you discussed more secure.

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