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essay on different Japanese art work

Your goal is to write 2-3 pages comparing two different works of the Art of Japan one from the textbook, the other from the Cleveland Museum of Art

Include a thorough description of each work including aspects of form and subject matter. Describe what is similar in the two works, and how they are different. Be sure to include date, culture, period, and medium

The paper should be typed, double-spaced using 12 point Times Roman font with one inch margins

The textbook has a number of COMPARE topics, with comparisons between two works art can serve as examples of how to approach your comparison. The comparison should involve works that have similar formal qualities or similar subject matter. 

I have choosed for this essay :

-Chojiro YUGURE ( TWILIGHT ) - Text book 

- Tea storage jar  - Cleveland museum of art  .

(Both are japanese art , you will find a lot of information about them in the internet )

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