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Essay Unit 6

Essay must include the following....

A separate abstract and conclusion 

7.5 pages of full content (not including abstract and conclusion) 

APA Format 

12 Point Times New Roman 

Please cite the sources within the essay 

Minimum of 8 sources

Please discuss the Expectancy Theory in Business Organizations and How to Motivate People Using it & the Contingency Theory.

Also Discuss How to Motivate Employees Using E.A. Locke's Goal-Setting Theory

The Essay Must also address the following with in depth details: -Bonus Plan, Goal Setting, The Role of Leadership, and How to Achieve Successful Leadership.

Answer the following questions: How Does Expectancy Theory Apply to Accepting Changes in the Workplace? With the answer, highlight the following: Resistance to Change, Expectancy with Change, Instrumentality with Change, and Valence with Change.

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