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esv ) file . 1 Problem Specification In order to implement the system , you need to write a java program that gets the personal information of...

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In this assignment , you implement a system for storing the personal information of stu -dents and teachers of a school in a comma-separated values ( . esv ) file .1 Problem SpecificationIn order to implement the system , you need to write a java program that gets the personalinformation of individuals from the console and store it in different rows of the output . CSUfile .1 . 1 Input FormatUser enters personal information of ~ students and teachers using the command line in thefollowing format :nPosition, Name, Student ID , TeacherID , Phone!Position, Namez Student ID 2 Teacher ID 2 PhonezPosition; Names Student ID ; TeacherID ; PhonesPosition, Name Student ID, TeacherID, Phonen*Please note that the first line contains only an integer counting the number of linesfollowing the first line ."In each of the ~ given input lines .. Position must be one of the following three strings " student " , " teacher " , or " IA "`. Name must be a string of two words separated by a single comma only*. Student ID and TeacherID must be a string of 5 digits. Phone is a string of 10 digits .If the user enters an individual information in a wrong format , the method controlling thestandard input stream must print a message on the screen asking the user to re-enter theindividual information that was previously entered in a wrong format .
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