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ETHC 445 Week 2 DQ 1 When Siding with the Majority

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As our opening page states, Mark Twain warned that Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. It is likely that your parents warned you not to follow the crowd, or your school counselors warned you about peer pressure. The United States utilizes a democratic republic form of government, which espouses the majority rule in many instances. For example, when passing laws, Congress and state Legislators use majority voting. When electing our officials, the majority rules. But, is our government unethical?This weeks thread will look at two or three examples of majority findings or rules. We will bring new ones in throughout the week, so be sure to visit back at least every other day and post your thoughts.Here is our first one for the week:The great majority of people seem to find nothing objectionable about the use of commercials in childrens television programming. Yet a distinguished panel commissioned by the National Science Foundation found reason to disagree. After reviewing 21 relevant scholarly studies, they concluded:It is clear from the available evidence that television advertising does influence children. Research has demonstrated that children attend to and learn from commercials, and that advertising is at least moderately successful in creating positive attitudes toward and the desire for products advertised. The variable that emerged most clearly across numerous studies as a strong determinant of childrens perception of television advertising is the childs age. Research clearly establishes that children become more skilled in evaluating television advertising as they grow older, and that to treat all children from 2 to 12 as a homogenous group masks important, perhaps crucial differences.Do you think the majority view is correct in this case? What difference would it make that a majority thinks this way?Do you think the use of commercials in childrens television programming raises any ethical questions? Do explain.Do you wish to place evidence for what you say before your classmates? Do you agree with the majority of adults who say there is no problem with advertising aimed at kids to promote breakfast cereals, toys or clothing?

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