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ETHC 445 Week 3 Quiz

This file of ETHC 445 Week 3 Quiz comprises:

Inferring a claim based on data is deductive logic, but what happens when the inference circumvents logical reasoning?A car salesman says this, in order to get you to buy a new car from him:"Buddy! You gotta buy this car. Please! If you don't buy it, my boss will fire me!"This type of faulty logic is an example of _____.Are you for or against the war on terrorism?What fallacy is operating here?All those old people are cheap.They never give me a fair tip when I park their cars in the valet parking lot.What kind of fallacy is operating here?If children cannot be executed for their crimes, why should we execute people with learning disabilities who have the mental capacity of children?What kind of fallacy is operating here?

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