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Ethics 4

400-600 words

Review the following cases:

  • Case 1
  • Case 2

After you have reviewed the cases above, write an essay that addresses the following:

  • Define social responsibility.
  • What are the similarities and differences between both companies regarding their corporate social responsibility efforts?
  • What positive strides are both companies trying to make with their corporate social responsibility efforts? 
  • Do you feel that the companies are doing enough with their corporate social responsibility efforts? 
    • If you answer “yes,” then what should they continue to do, and why? 
    • If you answer “no,” then what should they do differently, and why? 
  • Apply the corporate social responsibility concept when you respond.

A minimum of 1 reference should be used to reinforce your thoughts. Be sure to include it both as an in-text citation and on your reference page.

Also, use 12-point font and 1” margins.

Please submit your assignment.


Holmes, R. (2009, March 2). Wal-Mart wants to be more like us. The Guardian. Retrieved from http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2009/feb/24/patagonia-ethical-outdoor-clothing-interview

mallenbaker.net. (2014). Corporate social responsibility - Companies in the news. Retrieved from http://www.mallenbaker.net/csr/CSRfiles/nike.html

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