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Ethics/Global Warming/Sustainability papers

Ethics/Global Warming/Sustainability Topics

§  Internet of Things (IoT)

§  E-waste & Global Warming/Greening

§  Free Speech and the Internet

§  Copying Music over the Internet

§  The Use of Robotics in War Planning and Implementation

§  Cyber terrorism, Hacking, and Security

§  Fairness in the Workplace

§  Encryption, Law Enforcement, and Privacy

§  Product Distribution, Antitrust, and Competitive Ethics

§  Intellectual Property Rights Strategy and Trade Secrets

§  Intellectual Property: Copyright and Patent

§  Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Intellectual Property and Product Design

§  Safety-Critical Systems

§  Whistle Blowing

§  Shrinkwrap/Clickwrap Agreements

§  The Fourth Amendment, Law, and Post-9/11 Surveillance

§  Privacy and Civil Liberties

§  Viruses, Worms, and Other Computer Animals

§  The Password and Other Forms of Security Identification Methods

§  How secure is your E-mail? Can it become more secure?

§  A Famous Security Breach

§  An Overview of Two Prominent Virus Detection Programs

§  Hardware and Software Theft Issues

§  Firewalls

§  Denial of Service Attacks

§  The Major Components of a Computer Security Plan for a University

§  Employee and Citizen Monitoring

§  Cookies

§  Spyware

§  Spam

§  Privacy Law

Depending on the topic you have chosen, your paper must address the following:

o   Global warming/Sustainability topics should address how technology can have an impact (positive or negative) on an environmental or global warming issue. Justify your answer.

o   Ethics topics should discuss at least one of the following:

a.       What is the difference between how the issue is treated in the United States, and how it is treated internationally in another region of the world?

b.       What is the point of view on the issue taken by a professional organization or society? Identify a differing point of view, and what individuals or group holds it.

c.       Identify ethical guidelines concerning your issue, and tell what benefits and what disadvantages may result when an individual follows the guidelines.

Write a two-page paper  on one of the topics above.

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