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Ethics Project 2

Ethics Around the Globe: Project for Health Care students

Review the scenario below. Throughout the course, you will be referring to this scenario, coming up with an appropriate solution, and reflecting on your thinking process.

Part 1:

In such serious situations it is important to have a good foundation for your perspective. Consider the patient’s decision to refuse the treatment and respond to the following:

1.    Define the problem using your own words.

2.    What do you think someone following Kant’s moral perspective would say about the patient’s decision?

3.    How do you feel about this patient’s decision? Should patients have the right to refuse reasonable treatment?

The body of your assignment should be 3-4 pages and in APA format.

Part 2:

In the first part of this project you defined the problem outlined in the scenario. Now you will consider possible solutions based on different ethical perspectives.

1.    What would someone do from the perspective of Aristotle’s virtue based ethics? Explain why.

2.    What would someone do from the Buddhist ethical perspective? Explain why.

3.    Consider the concept of pluralism. How would you balance your own belief in what was good for the patient with his or her own wishes?

4.    Reflect on your responsesfrom Part 1 of this project and to the earlier questions.What would you do in this situation? Of all of the theories covered in the course which one most closely matches your own ethical perspective on this issue? Explain your stance.

The body of your paper should be 3-4 pages in APA format.

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