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European history


I need a short essay about a film, and it should be done in 14 hours. You must follow the details below:

The Premise:

Plays are meant to be performed, to be watched by spectators, rather than read in a textbook, for the full potential of their dramatic effect to be felt by audiences. Thus, the questions of how a play should look, how it should sound, and which actors/actresses should be cast when it is performed are crucial to interpreting the thematic content of the play. You should answer these questions in a short essay. If must respond to one of the two options below:

Option 1: Film Review

Write a review one of the film versions of Hamlet listed below. After viewing the film (you will have to find it on your own), write a short (500-750 words) argumentative paper where you take a stance on whether the film effectively captures the spirit of the play and defend that stance by analyzing the film. State clearly what you believe the main theme or message of Hamlet is and whether or not the film effectively conveys this message. Give reasons to support your stance and explain them in the course of the paper by analyzing specific examples (scenes) from the film. Consider the actors/actresses cast to play the roles, if they matched up to your expectations, how the film looks, sounds, etc. Which scenes are the most important and how does the film capture these moments? You may insert still images from the film into your paper if you wish, though you are not required to do so, to help you prove your point.

Available Film Choices:

Hamlet (Olivier 1948) - starring Laurence Olivier

Hamlet (Zeffirelli 1990) - starring Mel Gibson

The Lion King (Allers and Minkoff 1994)

Hamlet (Branagh 1996) - starring Kenneth Branagh

Hamlet (Almereyda 2000) - starring Ethan Hawke, set in present-day

Hamlet (Doran 2009) - starring David Tenant and Patrick Stewart

Hamlet (Lough 2015) - starring Benedict Cumberbatch

This is the link for the Film ( http://nfs.sparknotes.com/hamlet/page_2.html )

Option 2: Propose Your Own Film

Instead of reviewing a film, you may write a proposal (500-750 words) that details how you would make your own film version. State clearly what you believe the main theme or message of Hamlet is and how your film would convey this message to audiences. When supporting your stance, describe your vision for the film and go into specific detail. What actors/actresses would you cast? What should their costumes look like? How should the film look and sound? What specific scenes would you want to emphasize? How should these scenes be shot to capture the spirit of the play? 

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