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Evolution of IT Security

You have been a system administrator for 15 years, and you have seen your role evolve and change. This evolution of information technology (IT) has resulted in IT security being a top priority in Enterprise support. When you first started in this field, security was merely checking virus updates and making sure you put patches on your computers to protect the system from intruders. If the servers or workstations did get a virus, you conducted research on your own to find an antidote. Today, botnets, spam, phishing, and malware challenge security.

Provide 3–4 paragraphs that define how the IT security landscape has evolved over the last 10 years and how today's current technology works to keep environments secure. Feel free to mention how some of the tools used to protect your system include the following:

Intrusion detection and prevention systems Firewalls Antivirus software Other software to eliminate malware and other such intrusive programs
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