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EXAM Q (FOR magz64)

All of the following are physical threats to information except:

system failures

natural disasters

human error

malicious acts

A company decides to plant bushes with sharp thorns on the side of their property facing a field. This would be an example of:

perimeter access control

security planning by environmental design

crime prevention through environmental design

agricultural environmental protection

The risk formula is based on:

threat and vulnerability

vulnerability and countermeasures

threat and mitigation

vulnerability and mitigation

A security department at a private hospital that is staffed by part time security officers would most likely be classified as a _____ security service organization.

Level IV

Level III

Level II

Level I

The type of information that has special value to organizations is:

employee handbooks

intellectual capital

intellectual property

account receivable records

Which of the following terms is applied to civil cases involving tort liability when a security officer unreasonably detains an individual without justification?

malicious prosecution

false imprisonment

false arrest


Operational plans would include all of the following except:

organization and authority

Mission, Vision, Values

strengths, weaknesses and opportunities

equipment and weapons

The vast majority of security services personnel in the private sector are employed in:

executive protection

contract watch and guard


transport and cash management

Risk to an organization includes:



customers and clients


all of the above

The type of malicious event typically used by disgruntled employees is a:


logic bomb

Trojan horse


The following nation has not adopted "smart card" technology for credit transactions:



United States


Operationally, an enterprise security risk management system would be supervised by:

the CEO

Chairman of the Board

Chief Security Officer

Chief Financial Officer

The most notable development that occurred after 9.11 for security services was:

the re-organization of various federal law enforcement agencies

the passage of various anti-crime legislative acts

the merger of state and federal agencies into national homeland security operations

the takeover of security functions by state governments

the increase of powers given to private security operations

A private employer of security personnel could be held liable and required to pay damages for the conduct of its employees based upon:

negligent hiring

negligent training

negligent supervision

all of the above

Honeywell, Siemens, and Simplex are examples of companies that provide:

executive protection

alarm services

contract watch and guard


cash management

Fire safety programs include all of the following except:

installation of alarm and fire suppression system

training for employees on how to react when an alarm is sounded

review of building codes for fire safety

reliance on local fire departments for fast and rapid response

The major weakness of most CCTV systems is:

the inability to detect human faces at night

the inability to observe crime activity in progress if there are multiple sites

the lack of digital imaging in most network systems

the limits on placing cameras in hidden areas

The software technology that enables a criminal to hide data inside another file is:

Trojan horse




Governmental powers include all of the following except:

evacuation of people

custodial intervention for people who are a threat to themselves

the use of deadly physical force and to carry firearms

planning for disasters

issuance of motor vehicle summonses

The trial court in the U.S. court system that handles criminal cases is the:

Supreme Court

Court of Appeals

Court of International Trade

District Court

All of the following contributed to the development of national security service organizations in the 19th century except:

railroad construction

telegraph and telephone expansion

intelligence operations during the civil war

state border control operations

the industrial revolution

A manager who wants to review the agency's missions and goals for the future would engage in what type of planning:



short term


The risk management process is composed of which of the following correct steps:

assessment, prioritization of assets/risks, mitigation, operations plan

prioritization of assets/risks, operations planning, assessment, mitigation

mitigation, assessment, prioritization of assets/risks, mitigation

e. asset evaluation, assessment, mitigation, operations plan

The technology that enables computers to synchronize with data on PDAs is:



image master

universal serial bus

The agency mainly responsible for the enforcement of laws and security on the American frontier during the 19th Century was:

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Secret Service


Marshals Service


Security equipment consultants must be chosen on which set of guidelines

cost, track record, reliability, contract need

track record, client satisfaction, cost, government clearance

client satisfaction, service and maintenance, company history, track record

cost, customer satisfaction, state review, state license

In Gap Analysis, the objective is to reduce ____________between the goal and the present status or state of affairs.





In the prioritization phase, a value must be placed on:

assets and probability or possibilities assigned to threats

countermeasures related to vulnerabilities

the role of liability if a catastrophic event were to occur

profit and loss factors if the business were to shut down

The liability concept concerning whether an employer can be held liable for the conduct of its employee is known as:

stare decisis

constitutional tort

vicarious liability

common law

Malicious software code that is distributed via the Internet and that infects computers in a manner that impairs the performance of programs or destroys data is known as a:





If a person performing security services is found negligent that means that he or she:

was reckless

acted intentionally

failed to exercise reasonable care

willfully caused injury

To deal with public area security issues, many cites, shopping malls, and schools have installed _________________ systems to increase security.


biometric security

Internet communications systems

smart card technology

The category of laws that define legal rights and responsibilities is:

substantive law

criminal law

procedural law

public law

The United States Secret Service was originally formed to deal with:


executive protection

counterfeit money

military intelligence

Legal limitations imposed upon the performance of security functions usually are found in:

a constitution

administrative regulations

common law traditions

administrative decisions

Which of the following terms describes the identification of weaknesses in an organization's security:

vulnerability assessment

cost benefit analysis

threat analysis

asset valuation

All of the following are important for the selection and implementation of countermeasures except:

Regular inspections of telecommunications equipment.

Obtaining credible and trusted serve providers for technical countermeasures.

Performing periodic scans for unauthorized wireless network devices.

Undertaking the selection of countermeasures based on the lowest cost.

A global trend is for many American security companies to:

become subsidiaries or major holdings of international security conglomerates

provide security protection for federal and state agencies

take over investigations involving industrial espionage in Europe and Asia.

provide training on counter-terrorism issues to private companies in Europe and Asia

Fusion centers were created to:

provide security services to federal facilities

initiate communications facilities to all federal agencies

gather and distribute intelligence on major crimes and terrorism for federal, state, and local agencies

monitor Internet transactions between the U.S. and foreign countries

The major issue to determine if security personnel should be armed is:

the response level of municipal police forces

the level of search and seizure powers for uniformed personnel

the level of emergency response required by the organization

certification requirements by the federal government for homeland security needs

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