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Examine how the U.S. foreign policy with Cuba has changed since the trade embargo

Please see attached word document for additional details.

I have included my chosen topic, thesis statement, and annotated bibliography to make things a bit easier.

This will be submitted via a plagiarism checker so please no copy/pasting from other similar papers.

Thank you and any questions let me know ahead of time.


Length: 10-12 FULL PAGES (10 is the minimum; 12 is the maximum). This 10-12 pages does NOT include the title page or bibliography. A full page is just what it sounds like- a page that is text from top to bottom. If you submit a paper that's 9 pages plus two sentences on page 10, that's not 10 pages. It's 9 full pages.

Spacing: Double spaced.

Margins: Standard margins.

Font: 12-point Times New Roman (black).

Composition: Your paper should comprise a title page, introduction, main body, conclusion, and bibliography - in that order. As noted above, the title page and bibliography are not factored into the page count.

Citations: I prefer in-text citations but I won't penalize any student who chooses to use footnotes or endnotes so long as they are correctly formatted. It is entirely your choice to use the method of citation you prefer.

Tips: Don't include your abstract. Don't include the annotations from your bibliography. Be sure to cite your sources very liberally - you should have several citations per page. If you submit a paper with few citations, you'll be penalized. If you submit a paper with no citations, you'll receive a 0 and probably fail this course. Occasionally, I have a student who doesn't believe me and submits a final paper with no citations - that student always receives a 0 and fails the course.

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