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Excel basic homework easy..... do it fast ...

Create a workbook that includes the components learned throughout your Excel 2016 Essential Training, and this semester.; the data should be your own data. Create as many worksheets, IN THE SAME WORKBOOK, that you need to in order to complete the tasks below. You will submit ONE file with several worksheets.

Your workbook should include the following components:

  1. Use Autofill
  2. Enter a Comment
  3. Use the following formulas (Sum, Average, Min, and Max)
  4. Calculate Year To Date Totals
  5. Calculate Percentage Increase
  6. Use Absolute Value
  7. Use the IF Function
  8. Use the COUNTIF Function
  9. Use the SUMIF Function
  10. Use the AVGIF Function
  11. Make sure to FORMAT your worksheets (bold, italic, etc.)
  12. Merge and Center 
  13. Include a border
  14. Format numbers as needed (currency, date, etc.)
  15. Insert a table
  16. Insert a shape
  17. Rename worksheets
  18. Sort data with three levels
  19. Set a print area
  20. Create a chart
  21. Protect cells in a worksheet
  22. Use Goal Seek

Your worksheet should be a high-level advanced spreadsheet. The data does not have to be "real" data, but it must make sense. 

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