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This week, you will submit an outline of your Capstone Project. Please develop your outline following the Capstone Project requirements as outlined in the Capstone Project description on the Week 8 assignments page. Include in your outline a summary of the presentation form that your Capstone Project will take (paper, PowerPoint, video, etc.).

Although you will not receive immediate points for this deliverable, it is a part of your final Capstone Project requirements, and points will be deducted from your final project grade if the deliverable is not completed and submitted as assigned.

Your well-written outline should meet the following requirements:

Be at least 300 words in length

Be formatted according to APA Requirements

Include a minimum of seven potential resources you may use in your final Capstone Project.

This is what the 300 word outline has to be based on Module 8 below

Module 8: Capstone Project

The goal of this Capstone Project is to chronicle the evolution of your leadership journey through the CSU-Global Organizational Leadership master’s degree program and this course, and reflect on how the program outcomes align with your learning experience.

In your Capstone Project, you will discuss how the CSU-Global MSOL program, including this course, developed your ability to:

  • Analyze how individuals and groups interact within organizations.
  • Develop knowledge of strategies that support stakeholders and enhance organizational capacity.
  • Evaluate human behavior within organizations to understand effective leadership, organizational communication, ethical practices, and cogent decision-making principles.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create and sustain lifelong learning to promote cohesive culture within an organization.
  • Assess current challenges of organizational leadership in historical and current contexts.
  • Analyze and integrate theories of leadership within personal and professional contexts.
  • Demonstrate skills for effective strategy development within an organization.

You will approach the presentation of your project through these three lenses:

  • Leadership Learned: Literature and courses that impacted your leadership growth and development in the seven areas listed above
  • Leadership Practiced: Peak events within your master’s enrollment where the theoretical and the practical intersected in the seven areas listed above
  • Leadership Forward: A strategy for continued leadership development in the seven areas listed above
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