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Homework #2

Reading: Chapter 2

Instructions: Answer each question below thoroughly and honestly.  Your responses will be graded primarily for effort and completion.  Remember, this assignment is primarily designed for your own personal development and reflection.  There are not necessarily “right” or “wrong” answers to all of the questions.  Save your assignment in PDF format and submit to this Canvas assignment.  Do not turn in a hard copy.  Please don't hesitate to ask your instructor for help if you need it.

1. Complete the following problems from your textbook.  Type your responses in any word-processor.

Chapter 2 (pp. 84-88): 21, 30, 38

2. Career Research Assignment: Select a computer science, engineering or engineering technology major performing a particular job function and write a short report (about ½ to 1 page) that includes the following information:

a)      Education requirements (general)

b)      Starting salary (give reference)

c)      Employment outlook (give reference)

  • Including names of at least two companies that hire in your chosen field.

d)      A brief description of working conditions, duties, etc. (1/2 page)

  • For example, describe the typical work day.

Use a minimum of TWO REFERENCES other than the text.  Be sure to cite the sources of your information in your report.  The following websites may be helpful:

U.S. Dept. of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook: http://www.bls.gov/search/ooh.htmLinks to an external site.

O*Net: http://online.onetcenter.org/Links to an external site.

WOIS Career Information System (Washington Specific): http://www.wois.org/ Links to an external site. (site key isyhv866)

You can also get help researching for this assignment at the Job Center in the Student Financial Services office on the 3rd floor of Parks.  (http://www.everettcc.edu/students/financial/frc/student-job-center/job-center-resources (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

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