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Exercise No. 2: Requirements Traceability MatrixProblem Description: Expected Outcome:Course Learning Outcome:

The tables below show part of the requirements’ documents, you should work individually to find the corresponding matrix.ModuleBRii A I' bl R I De ' 'Name pp me e 0 es scriptlonBoth librarian and library’s membersB1 Log in and Librarian should be able to log in using theLog out Registered Members login page. Based on the role, thenext page should be different.The system should allow registered32 Search Registered Members members to search for avallableresources by title, author name, orresource ID.Book . The s stem should allow membersB3 Reglstered Members VResource to book resources.Renew The system should allow membersB4 Registered Members to renew a resource with 72 hoursResourcebefore the due date. TRii Description T1 UserlD must not be blankT2 User password must not be blank T3 If both the user ID and password are valid, proceed with log in T4 User should not be able to click the search button if he left the search box empty T5 User cannot borrow more than 3 resources in the same period T6 User cannot borrow a resource for more that 2 months If the user has less than 3 books borrowed and entered a valid period, assign theresource to him.T8 User cannot renew the resource if it’s passed the due date T7

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