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Exercises Complete quot;Exercise: Evaluating the Recruiting Functionquot; in the course text, Human Resource Management Applications. Important:

•ExercisesComplete "Exercise: Evaluating the Recruiting Function" in the course text, Human Resource Management Applications.Important: It seems that the numbers the text talks about (see page 26) do not match with the Exhibit 2.16. Please use the following exhibit to guide your answers to the exercise's 3 questions at the end. Please focus your efforts on just answering the 3 questions as opposed to deriving the yield ratios. YIELD RATIOS AT EACH STEP IN THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS ANDRECRUITMENT COST PER NURSE HIREDST. VINCENT'S HOSPITALRecruitment SourcesPotentially QualifiedAccepted InterviewOffered JobAccepted JobOne-YearSurvivalAbove-Avg.RatingAvg. Cost Per NurseHired1. Internet Applications2. Walk Ins1. Employee Referrals1.081.852.603.254.336.50100.004. Newspaper Ads1.503.006.0012.0024.00------375.005. Journal Ads1.061.902.384.759.509.50112.506. Educational InstitutionsJunior CollegesHospital-based SchoolsUniversity Programs1. Private Employment Agency1.001.131.804.504.509.002,000.008. Public Employment Agency2. Direct Mail1.073.755.0015.00------------450.0010. Job Fair1.862.604.3313.0013.0013.00900.0011. State Nursing Assoc. Meeting1.001.752.33------------------------Averages for All Sources1.241.872.795.258.2713.65$283.65

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