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Field Experience Resources for Art in the Community - Art Resources in Miami


Instruction: create 5 community resources and includes a description for each item; Suggestions for classroom use are to be included for each resource. Must include special needs and linguistically diverse. The 5 list of resources that support arts includes museum. Provide a description for each and identify the curriculum areas that can be supported by each one. How would you use it in your classroom.

This is my 5 resources for my paper with detail.

1.         Miami Children Museum

980 Macarhur Cswy.

Miami, Fl 33132      305-258-3543

At the museum children get to play, learn, Imagine, and create. There are variety of interactive exhibits that allow children to explore: super market, television studio, bank, castle of dream, health & wellness center, safe zone, world music studio, and creativity art ect.

I would use this resource in My Drama play Area inside my class room.

2.         Miami Metro Zoo

12400 S.W. 152 Street

Miami, Fl. 33177        305-251-0400

At the zoo Children get to see all type of animals from around the world, Asia, Australia, African ect,  The children are expose to different animals that they ever seem before such as Cuban crocodiles, white tigers, komodo dragon many more rare animals, They are allowed to feed them and read about the history of the animals. There are exhibits where they learn all about the animals.

I would use this resource in my Block area using block and zoo animals to build our own zoo.

3.South Miami Dade Cultural Art Center

    10950 S.w. 211 Street

Culter Bay, Fl. 33189   786-573-5316

The Art Center has performance for children and family, there is Broadway shows, children shows, and different cultural shows example shows (Erth’s Dinosaur zoo. Connecting children to their world skilled performers and puppets.  Another show Driving miss Daisy children would watch the shows of history of life altering friendship that transcends all the societal boundaries placed between a 72 year old widowed and her African American male driver.

This area can be in my circle time of discussion or art area where the children can draw what they saw.

4.Miami Dade Regional Library

10750 S.w. 211 Street

Miami, Fl  33189       305-233-8140

At this resource area there are plenty for parent and caregivers some are child safety & guidelines, hand on crafts, storytelling, songs, computer activities,  books, ect.

I would this area in my library area using puppets , to react a story book.

5. Fair Child Tropical Garden

     14885 S.W. 248 Street

      Homestead, Fl. 33032      305-258-0464

Children will enjoy learning about agricultural and farming. They will learn about tropical plants, rainforest,, butterfly garden and edible garden such as mango, avocado, jackfruit, Spanish lime abrica and tamarind.

The history of this property- 2003 Mr. Frank Williams donated 20 acre avocado grove to Fair child to help children and adults around the world learn about garden

I would use the resource for out door exploring garden and farming.

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